Virginia Tech Drillfield Webcam

Virginia Tech Drillfield Webcam

Virginia Tech Drillfield is an oval-shaped, grassy stretch of land bordered by trees, Virginia Tech’s Drillfield serves as the center of the Blacksburg campus and remains one of the most unique and storied locations at the university. The field is approximately 600 feet wide and 1500 feet long, give or take, and the road that encircles it is about 3/4 mile in length.

Thousands of people can be seen daily on the Virginia Tech Drillfield Webcam, students and faculty rushing to class crossing paths with visitors strolling around the central campus. Most of these individuals know that the Drillfield is an integral part of the Virginia Tech experience.  The drillfield got its name from the days that Virgina Tech had mandatory ROTC as part of its curriculum, and the name has stuck ever since.

 2014 Virginia Tech Drillfield First Snow Time Lapse

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Drillfield Time-Lapse Videos

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